Porcupine Playground Pals


Part 1) Set up and deploy Solana collection of Programmable NFTs with or without Metaplex Rule Set

This is a how-to guide for the developer who wants to use the latest Metaplex sugar, which at the time of this writing is sugar 2.1.1 and/or the developer who wants to deploy a Candy Machine v3 with the option of adding protections for creator royalties. This article consolidates different areas of the Metaplex documentation and what I’ve learned from the experts on the Metaplex Discord to help clarify or point out areas in the docs that might still be out of sync.

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Articles For Developers

Announcing a new section of this website For Developers. The first article is a guide to coding a minting site for NFTs that can offer protections to creator’s royalties on secondary sales. Because the royalties for Porcupine Playground Pals go to our donor-advised fund for causes and my own kid artist, I wanted to use the latest Metaplex tools to make sure that protections were in place. The documentation had not quite caught up to the implementation, though, so I had to hurdle some pain points and wanted to pay it forward for other developers.

Mint is Live

Today we celebrate 2 birthdays! The Porcupine Playground Pals primary creator turns 14, and we are also quietly announcing that you can mint your own Porcupine Playground Pals with your Solana wallet. Contact us if you have any questions.

Website Launch

Today, we published our website for Playground Porcupine Pals. We started this project back in November of 2021! We can hardly believe it ourselves. We expect to soft launch our mint on Monday, May 8, 2023, so please check back soon. We put so much into this digital art collection, we hope you’ll be a Pal and get a Pal and become a part of this community.